David’s dedication to service is rooted in a firm belief in equality for all. In 2000, David organized and led a rally with the NAACP to remove the Confederate emblem from the Georgia-state flag. The rally drew nearly 300 people, and then about 150 people marched to the state Capitol to urge Governor Barnes and the General Assembly to change the state flag.  

While at Georgia State, David interned for Representative Pat Gardner, advocating for among other things, improved mental health care.

After graduating from law school, David started his legal practice as a litigator, and continued his public service.  David served on the Executive Committee for the American Constitution Society, a progressive law and policy group, and served as chair of ACS from 2008-2011.  As chair, David advocated for diverse and progressive judicial appointments and was invited to the White House three times as part of this work.  David’s work with ACS also included advocating for the right to trial by jury, access to the ballot box and a progressive interpretation of the US Constitution.

After serving with the American Constitution Society, David served as head of programming and then Chair of the Red Clay Democrats, which works to elect Democrats in Georgia.

David is currently on the Board of Directors of the Grant Park Conservancy, and has been chair of the Conservancy since 2013.  The Grant Park Conservancy is dedicated to preserving, enhancing and restoring Grant Park, which is known as the People’s Park.  As board chair, David advocated for a new investment in LED lighting in the park, which was installed in early 2015.  The Grant Park Conservancy is currently making preparations to begin groundbreaking on the Milledge Triangle Initiative, to restore the area where the Grant Park Farmer’s Market is held every week from April through December.

David has always been committed to protecting everyone’s right to vote and expanding access to the ballot.  After serving as a poll watcher in 2002, David led voter protection efforts and served in the legal boiler room in 2008, when President Obama was first elected, 2009, 2010, 2012, when President Obama was reelected, and in 2014, when David served as the Voter Protection litigation chair for all statewide Democratic candidates.

David is also on the alumni board for the Georgia State Department of Religious Studies.


First and foremost, I am committed to public service and fairness.  I learned early on that I was only content when I was working for the greater good and fighting injustice.

My path of service has included organizing efforts to feed homeless families and founding the Young Democrats chapter while an undergraduate at Georgia State University, to chairing the Grant Park Conservancy, where we’ve worked hard to improve the People’s Park for everyone.

While at Georgia State University, I interned at the Georgia Capitol for State Representative Pat Gardner, where I saw firsthand how important it was to have effective leaders that were focused on serving all Georgians, not just the powerful.

There are a lot of good candidates in House District 59, but I believe I bring the best combination of being a true progressive and the ability to work effectively to bring about change at the Capitol.